12 Sep

During the Winter here in Melbourne, Victoria take the time to enjoy a day in the snow at Lake Mountain.

A three (3) hour drive from Melbourne is the Lake Mountain National Park that is very family orientated to enjoy a couple of hours in the snowfields.

Here you can experience :

     *    Cross country skiing

     *    Learn to Ski at the Ski school.

     *    Enjoy your time on the Toboggan slope

     *    Experience the "half pipe"

     *    Trek up to various Look-outs to survey the surroundings.

     *     Centrally located the Facilities building with Cafe, Hire shop and services.

     *    BBQ's and outside Tables are available if you bring your own food, etc.

When you are finished your time here, do what many people do travel back down the mountain to enjoy :

     *    Healesville Sanctuary

     *    Yarra Valley Winery's

     *    The Chocolate Factory

     *    Visit the Townships of Marysville, Healesville and Yarra Glen.

Before returning to your accommodation in Melbourne.

FARES & ENTRY FEES -   Lake Mountain Snow Tour


10 hrs
1-6 seat Mercedes Valente $895.00
7 -10 seat Mini Bus $1,095.00


Adults** special **

Entry to Mountain Resort$64.00Incl Car plus up to 8 people


Healesville, Marysville, Yarra Valley.

A Day Trip to Lake Mountain

Nestled just a couple of hours from Melbourne, Lake Mountain offers a picturesque winter wonderland perfect for a day trip. As you make your way through the scenic mountain roads, the landscape transforms into a snowy oasis, blanketed in a pristine white coat. Once at the resort, you can indulge in a variety of snow-based activities, from skiing and snowboarding to tobogganing. The mountain provides a serene backdrop, inviting you to take a stroll or simply bask in the peaceful ambulance. Whether you’re seeking adventure or a relaxing escape, a day trip to Lake Mountain from Melbourne promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Australian Lake.  

Unforgettable Day Trips to Lake Mountain

 Nestled just a short drive from Melbourne, Lake Mountain offers a picturesque escape into nature that is perfect for day trips. Whether you're seeking a winter wonderland of snow-covered landscapes or a refreshing summer retreat, this scenic destination promises an unforgettable experience. Lake Mountain day snow trips from Melbourne allow you to immerse yourself in a winter wonderland, with opportunities to enjoy activities like learning to Ski, or to hire a Toboggan and slide down the slopes. In the warmer months, the mountain transforms into a lush, green oasis, perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and simply taking in the breathtaking vistas. With its easy accessibility and diverse range of outdoor pursuits, Lake Mountain is a must-visit for anyone seeking a rejuvenating day trip from Melbourne. 

Melbourne to the Snowy Slopes

 Escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne and embark on a winter wonderland adventure to the snowy Slopes, just a few hour's drive away. These day snow trips from Melbourne offer the perfect opportunity to experience the serene beauty of snow-capped mountains. Spend the day learning to ski, Sliding on a Toboggan, or simply frolicking in the powdery white landscape. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air and marvel at the stunning vistas that surround you. Whether you’re a seasoned snow enthusiast or a snow first-time visitor, these lake mountain day trips from Melbourne will leave you feeling rejuvenated and enhanced by the winter wonderland.   

Day Trips to Lake Mountain Made Easy

 Escape the city and experience the serenity of Lake Mountain with our hassle-free day trips from Melbourne. Our expert guides will take care of transportation, ensuring a seamless journey to this picturesque winter wonderland. Enjoy snow play, scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere, all within a day trip from Melbourne.  

A Day Trip to Lake Mountain Awaits 

Nestled just a short drive from Melbourne, Lake Mountain offers a picturesque winter wonderland perfect for a day trip. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the snow-capped peaks. Lake Mountain provides the ideal setting for a memorable day trip from Melbourne, complete with stunning landscapes and a range of snow-based activities.


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