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After travelling for 90 mins from Melbourne through its outer Eastern suburbs up into the Mount Dandenong's you arrive in Belgrave, a very old established country Town and the first Station on a historic Train line that has had Puffing Billy operating there for over 50 years.

Step back in time as you enter its various Railway Stations and enjoy a ride in its Train carriages - with legs and arms hanging over the side - as a refurbished Steam Engine pulls its carriages through the picturesque country side.

On arrival at Emerald Lake there is much to do :

*     Visit the Town of Emerald

*     Enjoy the Parks and a very safe Lake for swimming and boating

*     Visit the Model Railway exhibition or the Museum

*     Enjoy the various Picnic and BBQ areas.

*     Arrange your Tour provider to take you further to visit :

         *    The Yarra Valley Winery's

         *    Healesville Sanctuary

         *    Fruit picking on Mt. Dandenong

         *    Visit the Towns over Mt Dandenong and the Sky High Observatory

         *    Travel to Philip Island and the Penguin Parade.

Before returning to your accommodation in Melbourne.

FARES & ENTRY FEES - Puffing Billy and Beyond


6 Hrs10 hrs                                              11 hrs    to Penguin Pde

1-6 seat Mercedes Valente  745.00 875.00 875.00

7 -10 seat Mini Bus
 945.001045.00 1175.00** special **


AdultChildFamily Pension
1Puffing Billy


Belgrave return - Day


Belgrave to Emerald -     1 hour37.0018.50

Emerald to Belgrave -     1 hour37.0018.50

2Penguin Parade

General admission

Penguins Plus


Guided Tour
                       100.00 -  12 yrs plus

3Moonlit Sanctuary

4Maru Koala & Wildlife  Park

5Koala Conservation Park

6Churchill Island

7Healesville Sanctuary

NOTE :   Child must be accompanied with paying adult.

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